There is nothing better than salt in the air and sand in my hair (what's left of it).

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Been a busy week.  Spending all my time in conference rooms with engineers.  So ready for a Saltwater fix. Bummer I'm going to miss Halloween with the Grandkids.  But here's a picture of the biggest kook I know at a kids Halloween party last week.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Travel Week

I should have surfed Sunday, Dave says it was fun and uncrowded.  I was home making hot chocolate for my grand daughter (priorities).  Then yesterday was blown out and today I leave for Philadelphia and Atlanta for the remainder of the week (priorities).  Looks like a SE swell from that tropical storm Raymond my actually materialize tomorrow and Thursday.  Nothing big but something to ride. Meanwhile, check this out:

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Contest Day

Decided to just do a quick session before the contest.  Paddled out in the dark and caught a few nice ones before the Groms took over.  Watched a little of the first heat; 12 year olds and younger; a lot of talent in that group!   Belly to chest high waves with a strong offshore flow; looked like the wind was changing to NW as I was leaving. I hope the contest promoters clean up the beach when they leave today.  It was a bit of a trash heap this morning.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Is Coming

While loading up the truck this morning I glanced at the front porch out of the corner of my eye and got the S#!+ scared out of me by a Halloween decoration.  Wasn't expecting a scarecrow to be sitting on one of the rockers.  Ha!  That got the adrenalin goin'. 
Waves were belly to chest high but lully. Got out at 8:30 when it started getting really crowded with young rippers, looks like the Rip Curl Gromsearch national final starts today. Might have to go elsewhere tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Little Bigger Than Yesterday

And 10X the crowd! Took six on the head paddling out in the dark, then sat and waited for 20 minutes before I caught a wave.  The waves were chest to head high and a bit lully.  Gave up on the set waves and ended up catching some fun ones groveling on the inside.  I saw a Tomo Vangaurd longboard out there today???  An odd looking craft, but I should talk, my go-to board lately has been a 5’ 10” Simmons.
25 of my closest friends

Organic Art (Charcoal) 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Expectations Were Low

Buoys were 1.3 @ 13 this morning and I decided to go anyway hoping the incoming tide would give it a little push. On the way there the Oside buoy popped up to 1.6 @ 15.  Turned out to be a good call, it was pretty much just me and Rich trading chest high waves for the first 45 minutes.  Had to be on the phone at 8:00 so didn’t have time to wait around for a good set to take pictures.

I did't get the pic but this dude in the spring suit bent over for the barrel and got the gillotine instead. Hehe