There is nothing better than salt in the air and sand in my hair (what's left of it).

Monday, August 21, 2017

Yesterday and Today

Head high + and ultra crowded. My wave count was down, only 7 waves, but I did get a barrel (ask Reed) so I went home happy. I had to replace the audio in the video below with some cheezy music because of some adult themed discussion in the background.

Smaller today but surprisingly big for a 1.3 on the buoy. Not crowded early and a good vibe in the water. It did get insanely crowded with youngsters around 7:30. Last day of summer and back to school tomorrow for these hooligans :-)

Friday, August 18, 2017

It's Nice To Get Back In The Water

After a week in Portland. We went to a family wedding in Banks and then enjoyed some of the city and went to the coast too.

Locally, the water is still warm and there were a few decent waves to be had.  Now that I have all the travel behind me I can concentrate on surfing more.
Florida Joe

Nick and Katherine

Cannon Beach

Cousins in Wilsonville

The Pearl District

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mickey Wright

Wish this dude was on the CT.


But I paddled out anyway at 5:40. I only stayed for a little over an hour. I caught 3 waves in the first 20 minutes and then there was a super long lull. Finally, I just took off on a micro wave and rode it straight through the keyhole just to get outa there. I'm sure it's going to pick up a little when the tide fills in, but I had to get wet before I leave for the northwest tomorrow morning. Hope y'all get some waves while I'm gone.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pretty Meager

But I paddled out anyway. Why not get wet? The water was in the 70's, the wind was calm and there was just a handful of guys in the water.